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Beatport Sync 1.0

Beatport Sync is an audio player abd a music mixer
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Beatport and Native Instruments teamed up to create this innovative audio player. The Beatport Sync 1.0 is not only an audio player; it allows its users the opportunity to mix music just like a Disc Jockey. The creative doors can really open up with this software.

Some of the top features one can expect are: the dual playback decks with an automatic crossfader, it automatically detects the tempo, both decks have pitch fader capability, a browser that was innate through Traktor, the advanced (though easily used) editing feature, direct access to online music, folders for backing up the music files and a mini view function allowing for continued desktop use. Additionally tracks are easily copied from compact discs and stored into the music library.

Possibly the feature that makes this player stand out from others in its category is its ability to mix music. Users can play just as Disc Jockeys and mix. The process is pretty simple. Mixing music with this player is as basic as the old drag and drop function. The cross fader can be used in between each song to have the effect of a mixed song.

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